Do I need a Financial Planner?

Financial planning can help you at any stage of your life – so you don’t need to have large sums of money to get started.

When should I make a financial plan?

Depending on your life stage, you’ll have very different goals and questions – such as how to get the most value from your work pension, how to pay off any debt and save for the future, or simply just want to have a better relationship with your money.

A CFP™ professional has the expertise to help you, no matter where you currently are in your life.

Starting a family

A new addition to your family means new expenses. Bring your child into a world where you feel financially secure with the help of a CFP™ professional.

Thinking about having a child is one of life’s biggest decisions. You might be thinking about buying a new house, a bigger house, life insurance, income protection, school fees, future education costs, writing a will, budgeting and so much more.

Overwhelming right? It can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When the number of questions increase and the goals become bigger, having a financial plan becomes even more important. A CFP™ professional can help you answer all these questions so you can enjoy every moment, big and small, with your family.

Starting a new business

Who hasn’t dreamed of being their own boss? As a business owner, you’ll have specific financial planning requirements. A CFP™ professional can help you with these.

Creating a successful business is tough – you need to consider the many financial implications that come with this venture such as the additional tax and legal responsibilities. You might also consider how to invest in your business for growth or to protect your business if something happens to you.

The advice a CFP™ professional can offer you may be the difference in your business succeeding. Give yourself the peace of mind and focus on what’s most important to you.

Planning for retirement

So, you think you’re ready for retirement… right? Enjoy your golden years to the fullest with the help of a CFP™ professional.

As you approach your retirement age, you may have a long list of questions. Can I afford retirement? Do I have enough savings? Can I afford long-term care? Can I leave enough for my loved ones? A financial plan can help you understand whether you need to save just a bit more for the retirement you want and determine what you can afford to spend during your retirement.

A CFP™ professional can simplify this complex transition so you can enjoy your golden years.

Next steps

I want to create my financial plan. Where do I start?

Smart choice! You understand the value of financial planning and want to get to grips with your finances. What next? Use our Find a Planner search to find your perfect CFP™ professional.

 What to know before seeing a Financial Planner