Reasonable Adjustment Application

Before completing this form, you must read the Reasonable Adjustment Policy and ensure that your application meets with its requirements.
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All applications for reasonable adjustments must be submitted before you book or sit an examination. Reasonable adjustment applications for narrative examinations must also be submitted before the late closing date* for the examination.

Please note that if an application for a reasonable adjustment is made after you have booked an examination, it may not be possible to arrange the adjustment for the booked sitting, and the examination date and/or time may need to be rearranged.

Please note that your employer, third parties and Accredited Training Partners that reserve examinations on your behalf will be able to see details of your agreed adjustments to your exams. No additional confidential information will be shared.

Applications for reasonable adjustments will normally be processed within 5 working days. However, if additional information or further correspondence is required to decide on outcome of the application, the process may take longer to complete.

Once a reasonable adjustment has been approved, an exam can be booked.

* More information about narrative examination dates, including specific examination registration deadlines, can be found here.

Personal Information

I request a reasonable adjustment for:

Nature of condition (indicate as appropriate):

Reasonable adjustment requested (indicate as appropriate):

Supporting evidence

Supporting evidence must be supplied:

  • with the first reasonable adjustment application
  • when a change is requested to previously agreed reasonable adjustment arrangements
  • if the candidate is requesting a reasonable adjustment for a different examination type (i.e.,MCQ, narrative, etc.).

All supporting evidence provided for reasonable adjustments must be official, up-to-date evidence from a medical professional, educational psychologist or other appropriately qualified expert.

All supporting evidence must be dated and contain the following information:

  • the candidate's full name
  • details of the nature and severity of the candidate's disability
  • how it is likely to impact their performance in the examination or assessment
  • recommendations for adjustments requested by the candidate for their examination or assessment (stating additional time as a percentage or equivalent)
  • the author's name, official business or email signature and contact details


Please note that the submission of invalid or incomplete supporting evidence may result in your application being delayed or declined.

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