Invest In Yourself

By Lora Benson | Jun 25, 2018
We need to invest in ourselves. Yet it can be scary to do...

Tips From The Coalface, June 2018

We need to invest in ourselves. Yet it can be scary to do.

A friend of mine runs a coaching business. I’ve been talking to her about a Virtual Assistant. She knows she needs to get rid of a bunch of small tasks that make her working life a lot less satisfying than it could be. 

However, it’s been a struggle to get her to invest in herself and hire the support. 


Because it’s going to cost some money and that creates a little bit of fear.

I’ve worked through this same resistance with many advisers. I’ve experienced the same resistance myself, before I’ve taken that step to invest in myself. 

A mentor in Australia once asked me, “Brett, when have you ever invested in yourself and it hasn’t paid you back?” I couldn’t think of a single example.

I work with a coach. I do online courses. I’ve hired a great support team. I attend conferences in the US and UK that expand my thinking and allow me to meet other professionals. My budget for all of that is significant. It hurts a little bit. 

But I know it’s an investment. That means there’ll be payback. So I pull the trigger and commit to developing myself and my business.

What about you?


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