Why is servicing lifetime mortgage interest so interesting?

By Lora Benson | May 13, 2019
The new Just For You Lifetime Mortgage includes the option to service monthly interest, it brings a reduction to the monthly interest rate and the potential for payment holidays.

Do you have clients aged 55 or over who need to borrow funds and have the ability to service the interest?

With interest only mortgages worth a total in excess of £102bn, they may be one of many approaching the end of their interest only mortgage term. Or they may require funds for lifestyle needs, home maintenance or a gift to family.

The Just For You Lifetime Mortgage and its interest serviced option could be the solution. It’s designed for clients used to making monthly repayments, or wanting to reduce the build-up of debt by paying some, or all of the interest each month. The features include:


  • A reduction to the roll-up interest rate, depending on the percentage of interest serviced
  • A payment holiday of up to three consecutive months each policy year
  • The option to service interest on additional borrowing.

Note: Taking out a lifetime mortgage to repay an existing mortgage or other debt may cost more in the long-term.

Download new infographic to see why servicing interest so interesting.

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