The economy of the Philippines is the 39th largest in the world. Source: IMF statistics 2015
IT-BPM sector is projected to generate 1.3 Million jobs in the Philippines with 17% annual growth rate. Source: IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP)
HSBC predicts Philippines economy could be the largest in the South East Asian region by 2050.

Why Financial Services?

Financial services…
  • are fundamental to every economic activity;
  • help create jobs, lend and invest in community development projects;
  • help businesses grow; and provides consumer credit
With an economy that has been experiencing a steady growth with an average annual rate above 6%, Philippines is well on its way to becoming a dominant economic force in the region. 2015 saw eight Philippine companies being listed in the Forbes’ Global 2000- a list of the world’s most influential and largest companies based on market values, profits, assets and revenues.

With the way things are going, it is predicted that the Philippines economy will be the 16th largest in the world by 2050. With this the financial service sector and the professional sector altogether is set to go through rapid and interesting changes in the near future.

You could either work for one of the many global financial superpowers branched out in the Philippines or even partake in a local company working to change the financial landscape of the country forever. Ultimately, what you are looking at is a career in a fast-moving, fast-changing sector, helping people and companies make decisions on the life-blood of the profession itself, their money.
Hong Kong, Singapore and India remain powerful global finance players
London is recognised as the global hub for financial services

The Financial Services Sector offers career opportunities globally

Many financial service organisations and banks are global entities and can offer international career development opportunities, particularly in emerging economies where fluency in a specific language can be advantageous.

The rewards of working abroad, both in terms of professional and personal experience and pay, can be huge. The modern Commonwealth’s big three in economic terms- Australia, Canada and India are important locations for young professional investors spreading their wings abroad.

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