Celebrating 30 years of the CISI

Supporting financial professionals to progress to the highest standard of excellence with CISI qualifications and membership

A lot has changed in 30 years, hear from our former CEO and Chair

Born out of the London Stock Exchange in 1992 with 4800 members based primarily in the UK, the Institute has now grown to a global membership in over 100 countries. Hear from our senior leaders about the journey throughout that time and what is next for our Institute.

A look back on 30 years from former CEO
Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI

Hear from CISI Chair
Michael Cole-Fontayn

Celebrating 30 years, a conversation with three of our past Chair

Anthony Hilton, Director for the Study of Financial Innovation interviewed our three past Chair, Graham Ross-Russell FCSI(Hon), Scott Dobbie FCSI(Hon) and Sir Alan Yarrow Chartered FCSI(Hon) to see how much has changed since the creation of the then Securities Institute back in 1992.

Explore key events in our history

Here is our journey and the main milestones in our history – click on the link below to open the full timeline.

The first regulated exchange comes into existence in London and the modern Stock Exchange is born.

Securities Institute formed as an “institute for the individual practitioner in the securities profession”. It initially has 4,800 members ‘grandfathered’ out of the Stock Exchange. Graham Ross Russell becomes Chairman and Tim Nicholson is Chief Executive. Institute develops 18 regional branches after canvassing members for their views.

The Institute becomes a registered charity in England and Wales.

Membership in UK regions increases by 26% to reach a total of over 5000 for the first time.

In the year to March, exam entries rise to a record 54,620.

Securities Institute celebrates 10th anniversary.

Join in our 30,000 step challenge!

From 10 - 28 February 2022 we are challenging you to walk 30,000 steps to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

We would love to see picture of your walks, so please share on social media using #30kCISI, or email to marketing@cisi.org.

CISI marks its 30th anniversary enhancing consumer trust and confidence in global financial services

On 10 February 2022 the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) celebrates its 30th anniversary and is inviting its global membership and stakeholders to help mark this milestone.

The not-for-profit, professional body emerged from the London Stock Exchange in 1992 with a 4,800, UK membership. Today the CISI provides qualifications, continuing professional development and upholds the highest standards of integrity for its 45,000 members in over 100 countries.

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Did you know?

The Institute’s symbol is a griffin. A mythological creature, the griffin represents a guardian of wealth whose role is to chastise avarice and greed. In 1993, the Institute invited entries from students at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London to design a statue of a griffin to display at its office. The winner was Tobias Apelgren, a Swedish student, and the statue was unveiled by the then Governor of the Bank of England, Eddie George.

It now stands in the reception area of the Institute’s home on Fenchurch street in the City of London.
Royal Charters are granted to bodies that work in the public interest and demonstrate pre-eminence, stability and permanence in their particular field. The award of a Royal Charter is an acknowledgement of the Institute’s work in bringing a greater measure of professionalism to the financial services sector, encompassing both skills and ethical behaviour.

For our members, the benefits of becoming chartered are two fold; members will benefit individually through enhanced standing in the professional circles and the wider community, together with the opportunity to become individually chartered.
We were granted a ‘patent of arms’ by the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England on 11 March 2010. Each of the elements, even the colours, have a particular heraldic meaning:
  • Silver or white represents sincerity and gold represents elevation of the mind. Green represents hope and has also been the colour associated with the Institute.
  • 23 points on the wings represent the fact that the original resolution to form the SI was taken on the 23rd floor of the Stock Exchange.
  • Book represents learning. (If the book were open it would represent a university.)
  • Scales represents Justice and through that Integrity and Ethical Behaviour.
  • Motto ‘My Word is My Bond’ the English translation of the Stock Exchange’s motto ‘Dictum Meam Pactum’ – showing our shared history and some common values.